The Cynthia Solomon Holmes Foundation

Hope for a Cure of LeioMyoSarcoma Cancer

Who We Are

We are the friends and family members of Cynthia Solomon Holmes (my mother), who was a healthy 52-year old woman who was stricken with this treacherous disease called Leiomyosarcoma. Cynthia is yet another casualty of another war in which is under-funded, under-manned and under-recognized. We who love her and miss her will not rest until all other sufferers of LMS have a chance to live.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring local and national attention to the importance of funding research of this rare and aggressive cancer, without a cure. We strive to raise awareness through vigorous and creative fundraising while utilizing every possible media outlet, by reaching out to all families affected and providing personalized assistance to fit their needs.

Why Help Our Cause

In our lifetime, we have seen breast cancer go from a horrible and cureless disease to a horrible but manageable, mostly curable disease. The only reason this has become so is because the disease was so prevalent, killing our mothers, daughters, sisters, wives and girl friends on such a frequent occasion that a cure was an absolute must. The call was heard by many voices and people from all walks of life gave their time and money to help. Research was funded and a cure was found.