The Cynthia Solomon Holmes Foundation

Hope for a Cure of LeioMyoSarcoma Cancer

The Cynthia Solomon Holmes Foundation organizes and hosts several events throughout the year in an effort to raise awareness and tangible support to benefit LeioMyoSarcoma patients and research. Please consider supporting our cause.


Sarcoma Awareness Month

Sarcoma is a cancer of connective tissues, such as nerves, muscles, joints, fat and bones. It can arise anywhere in the body at any age, from newborns on up. Although rare in adults, this cancer represents 15 percent of all childhood cancer cases. Each day during the month of July each year, we make a dedicated effort to educate the public about Sarcoma Cancers. The sharing of personal stories and information, we hope to designate July as Sarcoma Awareness Month nationally.

Butterfly Birthday Brunch

The Butterfly Birthday Brunch is an intimate celebration of Cynthia's life. Each attendee is someone who has been touched by the legacy of Cynthia's life or have been impacted by her in some way. Cynthia was a loving woman, who adored her family, loved her church and was, by far, one of the best cooks this side of Mississippi. We spend this time sharing our memories of her.

5K Run/Walk for the Cure

The 2019 5K Run/Walk for the Cure will be held at Tom Bass Park on Saturday, December 14, 2020 at 8:30am. In keeping with our refreshing theme, runners and walkers demonstrated their support of our ‘walk for the cure’ around the beautiful lake, nicely settled in the middle of the park. Musical entertainment filled the ears of participants as they made their way around the lake and delectable refreshments awaited them as they completed their third mile. This kid-friendly environment is refreshing for all ages.

Fall Fish Fry

Each year, the Fall Fish Fry brings together people of all walks of life for not only raising awareness about LeioMyoSarcoma Cancer, but to enjoy a fantastically prepared pesce dinner!

Cocktails for a Cure

The Cocktails for the Cure is the kickoff event for the 5K Walk/Run for the Cure. Location details coming soon. 

Rare Disease Day

ACTION ALERT from Sarcoma Foundation of America:  Accelerated Approval for Rare Diseases - Call Congress Today!   In 2012, Congress passed The Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act (FDASIA).  The final version of this bill included rare disease provisions thanks in large part to the efforts of patient advocates like you!  We once again need your help to ensure that the requirements of this bill are implemented. 
February 28 - Rare Disease Day
July 2020 - Sarcoma Awareness Month
TBD - Cocktails for a Cure
December 14 - 5K Run/Walk for the Cure
Book Chandalyn Williams as a speaker at your church or event HERE!

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Without more people to raise awareness and donate money for research, LMS will remain an unheard of cancer, with the only people who know it being the people who die from it, or the ones who cared for someone who did.


Thank you for your consideration and support of The Cynthia Solomon Holmes Foundation and our quest to find better treatment options and a cure. We will keep etched in our hearts, the memories of all those we have lost and those we will lose to this cancer.

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