Help Us #CureLMS For Good

We Are More Than a Hashtag

Officially launching at our 2015 5K Run/Walk for the Cure, the #CureLMS hashtag will assist us in our mission to increase public awareness of Leiomyosarcoma (LMS) Cancer. We ask that you join us in the surge of solidarity in spreading the word around the world.


Show us your #CureLMS selfie, tag your friends and family, and ask them to post their own.


Post photo of yourself with the #CureLMS sign (download here) to your favorite social media platforms.

Inspire Others

Use the #CureLMS hashtag and tag us so we can add your selfie to our  growing #CureLMS collage of those choosing to make a difference!


The #CureLMS collage will grow as more and more people join us and announce their support to #CureLMS.


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Why is this important?

There are roughly 11,930 new Sarcoma diagnoses every year.

Can you imagine that out of that number, 4,870 lose their battle?

Sarcoma Cancer diagnoses account for nearly 20% of all Pediatric cancers and 2% of all Adult cancers.